Data Science Consulting

patya analytics is a data science agency based in Berlin. We provide services for business intelligence and data science related to mobile analytics. We are a freemium agency: You will receive an initial service package for free.

Our services

Business intelligence

A professional setup to calculate relevant KPIs and to visualize your data is a prerequisite for a data-driven company. We support you with the selection and setup of business intelligence software and help with creating reports and dashboards.

Behavioral analytics

Data can help you to get a better understanding of your customers' behavior. With behavioral analyses, you can achieve better performance in Lookalike campaings. It can also help you to improve retention and make product decisions.

LTV & segmentation

LTV is a key metric for marketing decisions, customer segmentation helps you to create better user journeys. Applying machine learning techniques, we build LTV prediction models and customer segmentations customized to your business model.

Management team

Jonas Kemper | Jonas is a passionate Software Engineer. Before founding patya analytics, he worked in various Big Data and digital projects for Audi, BCG Digital Ventures and different startups. Jonas' expertise is machine learning and backend development.

Elisabeth Reitmayr | Elisabeth has a background in Econometrics and Business Administration. Before starting patya analytics, she worked as a financial analyst at Allianz insurance company. Elisabeth has experience with business data and econometric analysis.

Corinne Petroschke | Corinne is a Mathematician and Industrial Engineer. She worked in Tech departments of different Rocket Internet ventures before founding patya analytics. Corinne's focus areas are algorithms and machine learning.

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